A spreadsheet that is also a date

What is this game?

This work is a lyric game, that I guess is technically maybe a video game because it’s all digital? But also you play it via a spreadsheet so it’s a pen and paper game kinda? But you don’t roleplay, you’re just yourself, so it’s more of a generator? Maybe this is just a set of instructions? And you follow the instructions by yourself but then go on the actual date with another person, so ti’s both one player and then multiplayer?

Actually nevermind.

Fuck, categorizing things is hard and also doesn’t matter. Use this to generate a date that happens inside a spreadsheet. Follow the instructions in the sheet labeled “SETUP INSTRUCTIONS”.

How to play

This is intended to be played via Google Sheets, Airtable, Ethercalc, or a similar tool that allows you to collaboratively and remotely edit a spreadsheet at the same time as someone else. This is designed to require horizontal and vertical scrolling, and works just fine on small devices.

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