137 Questions for Character Creation

There are lots of resources online and professionally published books that will help you develop a character. They’re researched and carefully considered. This is not one of those resources. This zine is for when you want to make something weird. Or for when you’ve done everything else and still want to flesh out your OC more. Or for when you’re bored. Or for sitting alone late at night, head in your hands, learning more about yourself.

This zine contains 137 strange and esoteric questions to facilitate character development and I strongly suspect you won’t find them in any other resource. These questions have been compiled from the weirdest corners of the internet, including Yahoo Answers, approximately four “best truth or dare questions” listicles, and a “Jonathan Frakes ask you questions” video compilation.

In addition to 137 small-batch artisanal questions, you’ll also find two bonus lyric games in this zine provided by guest authors Alexa Kirchner and Adira Slattery.

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