Keeping Your Website Accessible

Presented as part of the Denver Arts & Venues IMAGINE 2020 speaker series.

Roughly ten percent of people have a disability that directly impacts their use of digital technologies, and lawsuits against inaccessible websites are becoming more and more common. The Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508 require us to provide accessible technology and communication for people with disabilities, but the process of creating and maintaining accessible digital communications can be overwhelming. How can we move beyond seeing accessibility as an abstract legal requirement, and into championing inclusion for people with disabilities on the web?

In this webinar, attendees will further develop their accessibility knowledge by learning the basics of managing an accessible website. This includes gathering institutional support, selecting vendors that can ensure accessibility, onboarding other team members to accessibility, content entry, and monitoring accessibility over time. This event is specifically designed for non-profit and government employees responsible for digital communication (mostly website content). This event builds on part one, and assumes that attendees are familiar with the basics of web accessibility from a marketer’s perspective.

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