How to Deliver an Accessible and Inclusive Presentation

An hour-long talk written for and presented at the Chicago Digital Accessibility and Inclusive Design meetup.


Are you speaking at an upcoming event or conference? Do you have goals to do so in the (near or far) future? Or do you simply want to make your presentations at work and beyond more accessible and inclusive? Then this talk is for you (and by you, we mean everybody)!

Often, when we’re excited and knowledgable about a topic, our focus on communicating with our audience is missing. It’s so easy to make slides that aren’t readable, to structure our talks in confusing ways, or to use unintentionally harmful language. Just as easily, though, we can consider the needs and identities of our audience members, and avoid placing barriers in the way of learning and engagement.

In this talk, digital inclusion and accessibility expert, A11YChi co-organizer, and speaker extraordinaire Fen Slattery will share their expertise for giving inclusive talks, which they’ve developed as a seasoned tech conference speaker. Attendees are sure to come away with suggestions they can implement immediately in their own conference or meetup talks, at work, and in their everyday life!

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