Want me to speak at your event?

I’d love to join you! Contact me via email and we’ll talk specifics. I have a few simple requirements for all of my speaking engagements:

  • Gender neutral bathrooms must be available.
  • Other speakers or presenters must also be introduced with their pronouns.
  • Captions must be provided.

In addition, I have the following requirements for conferences and meetups that want to have me as a speaker:

  • Pronoun buttons/stickers must be provided and explained to attendees, if a physical event.
  • A Code of Conduct with adequate training for your staff/volunteers
  • Training or prep materials provided to speakers about inclusive. language and accessible presentations, as part of your Code of Conduct enforcement.
  • A list of available accommodations for attendees/speakers, as part of your commitment to providing an inclusive space.
  • If you charge attendees for tickets, speakers must be compensated in some way.

Professional Bios

The use of they/them pronouns in my bio is intentional. I am nonbinary.


[under revision]


Fen Slattery is an accessibility expert who builds beautiful things and works towards a more inclusive digital world. As a web engineer, Fen seamlessly translates the needs of users into digital experiences that minimize barriers to access. As part of their advocacy work, they have spoken across the US to audiences of all skill levels, been featured on many panels about inclusion in the tech industry, and have spread their passion for accessibility in mentorship of web professionals.

They come to the world of development from a psychology and physics background at the Illinois Institute of Technology. In their spare time, Fen can be found creating glitch art, surfing the web, and cutting up comic books for collage.


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