We have an ethical responsibility to make sure everyone can use what we create. In my work as an accessibility advocate and educator, I remove barriers to access for myself, and other disabled people like to me.

Web Accessibility

As a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, I received my CPACC certification. I’m also a past organizer of the Chicago Digital Accessibility and Inclusive Design meetup, one of the largest digital accessibility meetup communities in the world.

When embedded in an engineering team, I educate and guide developers through the process of building websites that are usable by people with disabilities. Accessibility is easier the earlier you integrate it into your process, and so I represent accessibility needs throughout discovery, design, development, and delivery. I build the knowledge of my team, as well as educating a wide variety of audiences via talks, workshops, podcasts, and writing.

Looking to learn more about accessibility or have me speak at your organization? Get in touch, and I’ll see how I can help. I’m available for a limited amount of mentoring for junior developers and designers looking to grow their personal accessibility skills.

Looking for an audit of your website, accessibility training for your engineering team, or a remediation of your site? Let’s chat more formally.

Accessibility in Gaming

The same principles that apply to digital accessibility are absolutely transferable to accessible design for gaming spaces. I’ve spoken on panels and podcasts about accessibility in tabletop gaming, board games, and live-action role-playing. I’m available for disability sensitivity reading, layout, and general accessibility consultation for your game.

For samples of my print design & layout with accessibility in mind, see my game writing portfolio.

Accessibility Resources

Looking for some of my past writing and talks on accessibility? Check out my portfolio.

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