Stephanie Slattery

UL Certifications Directory

An consumer-facing web app, June 2015 to June 2016

My first project in my Software Developer role at Underwriters Labs, which was a redesign of the legacy Online Certifications Directory. The Certifications Directory is a publicly available repository of all current UL certifications. Our redesign included enhanced search capabilities, an completely new user interface, and a bookmarking feature. This redesign went through an alpha and beta user testing process, and this user feedback was rolled into future projects which further reenvisioned the certifications directory.

This was completed in a team of two other Rails developers, of which I was the lead front end developer. The app consists of two Ruby on Rails applications, one serving an API and the other containing a user database and the web front end. This application uses Ruby on Rails, SLIM, Sass, and jQuery. The Foundation framework is used, as well as the Datatables gem.